About Us

Designer Scents for Designer Pets


PetPerfume is a cruelty-free brand who supports and promotes the use of natural products on dogs. When you love dogs as much as we do, you don’t look at them as just animals. You look at them as your babies.


We spent three years researching dog grooming products including perfumes, colognes, balms, shampoos and detangling sprays. Every product we sourced contained alcohol and certain types of chemicals, which in our opinion, couldn’t be good for a dog’s skin. We started initially using these mass produced products on our own dogs and ourselves, mainly to see if there were any adverse reactions.


The main result we found after using the products for 24 weeks was a drying effect to the skin. White flakes were noticeable in our dog’s coat and they also scratched noticeably more than normal. We set about researching the ingredients to find the culprit. It turned out to be the alcohol that was used in the product to carry the scent for longer.

Our Mission

We decided to create a range of products that had great smells but had none of the listed ingredients that caused the reactions. After searching for a suitable perfumer for over a year, we eventually found an International company to create our perfume oils using only organic essential oils. To have our own fragrances customised to suit and then imported, they came with a hefty price tag. In our opinion it is worth it just to know our products will never cause any bad effects to your dog’s skin. We know we are not the cheapest brand to buy from but we know we are supplying high quality natural products.


We have been selling our products for almost 5 years to the public and trade customers. Our range of fragrances have grew from a small collection to now having over 60 fragrances in total. Two years ago the BBC contacted us to invite us to appear on Dragon’s Den with our product. Of course we were excited but we declined their offer because we wanted to keep developing the range at a steady pace and keep the whole process in-house. This year February 2019, we have been nominated for the pet product & services award through Luxlife Magazine. Our range of products is steadily growing. We currently offer dog perfume, dog cologne, paw balms, natural room sprays and car freshener spray. At present we are finalising a range of organic shampoos, detangler sprays and foaming shampoo bars with the main ingredient being goats milk. We look forward to when we can officially add them to our product catalogue.


Trade Enquiries

We now have trade customers in the U.K, France and The Netherlands and would gladly welcome many more. If you would like some further information regarding selling our products in your grooming salon or, if you are self-employed, selling them to your clients owners. Simply send us an email or fill in the trade enquiry form on the homepage.