Dieting your dog




Dieting your dog

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Why Worry About Your Dog’s Diet

Chapter 2 – When Should Good Nutrition Start

Chapter 3 – What Are The Three Choices Of Dog Food and How Are They Made?

Chapter 4 –What Makes A Healthy Dog Food and Where Can You Find It?

Chapter 5 – What To Do When Your Dog Is Overweight

Chapter 6 –Should You Give Your Furry Friend Table Scraps?

Chapter 7 – What Goes In Must Come Out. How Your Dog’s Diet Affects His Waste

Chapter 8 – What Is The Raw Dog Diet?

Chapter 10 –Should You Give Your Dog Vitamins?

Chapter 12 – Do Pregnant Dogs Need To Be Fed A Different Diet?

Chapter 13 – What To Feed Your Senior Dog

Chapter 14- Should You Give Your Dog Treats?

Chapter 14 – To Sum It All Up



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