Every dog needs daily checks and regular grooming sessions for improving and revitalizing their overall health. When you groom your dog on a consistent basis, you’ll ensure the following:

1. It helps you to monitor the general health and wellbeing of the dog. You’ll know the exact nature of the problem and every possible solutions to counter potentially disastrous situations.

2. Badly groomed dogs will shed a lot of hair strands throughout the home, including the carpet and furniture. With regular grooming, you can avoid irregular and abnormal shedding in your pet.

3. A well kept dog is also a joy and a source of inspiration to you and your family members, as dogs are known to form very close bonding with us. Preferably, you may wish to start grooming your dog right from their puppy stage. When you keep your pets free from pests and dirt, you’re also assuring your dog a good life of more than 10 years.

Here are some common tips and suggestions to help you create a healthy trend of creating a daily grooming and examination schedule:


Fist of all, maintain a clean and hygienic surrounding around your house and backyard.


Exterior kennels and dog houses must be kept clean and tidy.


Dog bedding must be changed regularly and washed properly with disinfectants and antiseptic solutions.


Parasitic control in dog is probably the biggest challenges and you may wish to learn something about dog pests and their control. Internal and external parasites abound your dog and learning the biology and habits of these parasites will enable you take better control measures.


Keep a close contact with your pet doctor because you can learn a lot of practical skills and techniques from them.


Proper nutrition and dietary habits play an important role in dog grooming. An excess or deficiency of essential nutrients is always quite dangerous and problematic for the health of the dog.


Learn the ways and methods of grooming by reading books, guides and articles.


Bathe your dog only when it is really necessary and only when you want to keep them clean and free from irritating pests. Some dogs have very fragile coats and they tend to loose their shine and life after repeated bathing.


Brushing is an important grooming exercise, and you are required to learn methods and techniques of better grooming. Daily grooming also involves minute examination of dog’s coat, hairs, ears and eyes. Dog also requires you to notice any perceptible changes in dog’s normal behavior and mannerism.


Get ready with an excellent set of grooming tools and facilities. A separate room is preferable while grooming your dog because it is easy to collect loose hair and dirt from the floor.


Get acquainted with your dog breed and its breed characters before trying grooming. If you wish to groom and trim your pet yourself, instead of hiring a professional groomer, some important “do’s” and “don’ts” will invariably follow you.


The first basic principle of grooming is to make your dog will accept grooming and basic care. There is a maximum limit to what you can do to your dog. Patience is a good trait and don’t loose your composure while grooming your dog. Dogs could be very tricky and cunning even with their masters. If you find that the grooming operation is becoming very strenuous, you can stop it for sometime and try again after a while.