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A long lasting dog cologne perfect for a prince. Free from chemicals and alcohol make this doggie spray a must for your grooming routine. So natural it can be sprayed anywhere.

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R Barky Code Dog Cologne

Natural Dog Cologne Benefits

  • Free from alcohol and chemicals
  • Long lasting
  • Perfect to eliminate doggie smell after blow drying and between visits to the groomer
  • Soothing to your pet’s skin
  • Available in 4 sizes

We have created this beautiful natural dog cologne to smell just like Armani Code. Why shouldn’t your dog wear aftershave or colognes? We wear it! The difference with our pet colognes? They are free from alcohol unlike our perfumes and aftershaves that we cover ourselves with.

Each bottle is prepared to order so maximum life span can be achieved, this is approximately 12-18 months if you purchase the larger 200ml bottle.

Additional information

Bottle Size

120ml, 60ml, 10ml Sample


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