Smells Amazing

Just like the real aftershave


This is my little man Barnie. He is my world.

I was getting sick of the regular visits to my local vets only to be told he has severe dry skin. “Try this cream”, “Try this ointment”. Hundreds of pounds later I decided to use natural products to see if it would make a difference.

I bought a bottle of Bossy Orange from the PetPerfume Boutique, mainly because it contains no alcohol. My vet said that the alcohol content in any of the products I was using on Barnie could be the culprit of his dry skin.

Well. What can I say? First it smells so similar to my husbands aftershave,  he wears my favourite. The fragrance immediately masks that ‘Dog Smell’ and also makes my house smell fab. To top it all off, Barnie’s skin has almost cleared up! This is definitely my go to place for Barnie’s dog cologne.